The general theme of our research is resolved around solving problems in the real world. We identify problems that are technically deep while having broad impact on our society. Our current research primarily focuses on problems in three exciting domains.

Mobile Visual Computing

The world's demand for increasingly capable visual applications running on diverse mobile platforms such as smartphones, AR/VR headsets, and ubiquitous sensor nodes shows no sign of slowing down. Our research investigates visual computing algorithms as well as the underlying hardware systems that enable efficient manipulation of massive visual data such as images, videos, and 3D graphics.

Resource-Guaranteeing Deep Learning

We expect deep learning (DL) to be a fundamental building block in future computing systems. One major roadblock toward that future, however, is that DL algorithms constantly operate in resource-constrained environment. Our research helps shape the DL-enabled future by designing efficient deep learning algorithms that formally guarantee latency/energy specifications.

Future Mobile Web

The remarkable evolution of Web technologies over the past decade means that over two-thirds of the mobile Internet traffic are contributed by Web applications. Web applications operate atop a virtual machine layer that enables platform portability at the expense of dramatic runtime overhead. Our research architects future mobile Web systems that compute faster, last longer, and consume less cellular data.